500 Piece 5mm Colored Metal Grommet Kit

500 Piece 5mm Colored Metal Grommet Kit



500 Piece 5mm Colored Metal Grommet Kit

Eyelet kit with 10 colors eyelets in white, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, blue, dark blue, black and silver. Total in 500 sets grommets, 50 sets each color. Each set of grommet includes 2 parts: an eyelet and a washer. The tool kit also come with installation tools: Hole Punch, Anvil, Setting Tool, and Hammer. Add on the machine press and die set for faster, noise-free, installation no hammer required.

Grommet Kit:
Watch our instructional youtube videos here for setting your eyelets:

50 sets of white eyelets
50 sets of green eyelets
50 sets of red eyelets
50 sets of orange eyelets
50 sets of purple eyelets
50 sets of blue eyelets
50 sets of dark blue eyelets
50 sets of black eyelets
50 sets of silver eyelets
50 sets of yellow eyelets
500 washers
1 hand setting tool
1 manual hole punch
1 anvil
1 rubber tipe hammer
Carry case

3/ 16 inch (5mm) inner hole diameter
11/ 32 inch (9mm) in outside diameter
5/ 32 inch (3.5mm) tube height

Hand Tool Kit with Press Machine and Eyelet Dies:
Everything you need to get started installing eyelets! Includes both manual hand installation tools and press machine with dies for easy noise free setting of eyelets. Great for apartments and working quietly! Includes everything listed in the Hand Tool Kit plus a press machine and 5mm eyelet die set. Press machines come in green and blue colors, if you have a perference please message us. Watch our instructional videos here for information on the press machine:


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