Dried Flowers – 15g Bags

Dried Flowers – 15g Bags



Dried Flowers

In this listing, you are ordering 15g bags of dried flowers. Please see our 10g bag listing for other flower and herbs species and 3g bag listing for smaller projects.

Dried flowers add fragrance and beauty, while also providing natural body and mental health benefits. Each flower and herb offers unique properties and benefits. Here at Chair & Chisel we strive to offer a large selection of the highest quality flowers and herbs for all your needs. These flowers have a wide variety of applications. For example, they are commonly used in resin crafts, candle making, essential oils, and body care products. Dried flowers are great for aromatherapy and can be used in sachets for drawer fresheners and under your pillow to help you sleep. Since they are 100% natural and biodegradable, dried flowers are an eco-friendly choice for wedding throws and outdoor decor.

About our dried flowers and herbs:

Harvested only at the proper time, all flowers have strong fragrance and colors thanks to a unique, chemical-free, drying process. Because of this, the flowers and herbs optimally preserve the color, scent and quality. In summary, you know the dried flowers you are purchasing are long lasting and most importantly great quality!


Each flower/herb species has different properties to be more ideal for certain uses. Read on to learn about each flower type!:

  • Chamomile, osmanthus, lavender, and wormwood are a finer structure more suitable for fragrance, teas, and sachets.
  • Rose bud, roselle, forget me not, peony, chrysanthemum, globe amaranth, and violet are more structured flower forms for resin and decoration.

Read our flower and herb guide blog to learn more about each type.

Dried Flower Uses:

  • For appearance in resin molds, table decor, food decor, and crafts.
  • As a fragrance for candles, oils, soaps, bath products, and sachets.
  • For healing properties in herbal apothecary*.
  • For mental wellness and rituals through aromatherapy and spells.
  • As a deterrent for certain insects and pests


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