Eyelet / Grommet Setting Hand Tools


Eyelet / Grommet Setting Hand Tools



Eyelet / Grommet Setting Hand Tools

Our Eyelet / Grommet Setting Hand Tools include a hole punch, a setting tool, and a base anvil. For select varieties we offer flowering tools in addition to the traditional rolled rim style tools.

Eyelet / Grommet Hand Tool Options:

Our Eyelet / Grommet Tools are measured by the Hole Diameter (i.e. Measured from the inner hole/tube diameter not the outer flange/rim diameter) and they correspond directly with out Eyelets and Grommets we sell. So for a 5mm eyelet you’ll want the 5mm Eyelet Toolkit. We offer sizes 1-12mm for installing eyelets and grommet by hand.

To Roll or to Flower?

  • Beyond decorative /aesthetic preferences, structurally speaking it is recommended to use washers and wider flange grommets when working with woven materials which can fray. Using a fray block is also helpful.
  • For material highly prone to stretching (i.e. foams, some rubbers and fabrics) a wider flange is recommended and often a flowering tool is used for better security in lieu of a washer.
  • For materials that are not prone to stretching (wood, plastic, metal, some leathers) a rolled rim eyelet is generally sufficient to be used without a washer.

How to Use:

Install Eyelets face down with tube facing up through the material and secure with a washer if desired. Place the setting tool against the tube and hammer the back of the tool to set the eyelet.

Looking for our press machine and dies for setting eyelets and grommets?:


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