Fairy String Lights

Fairy String Lights

Constructed of high quality 3.3ft long flexible silver coated copper wires, with 20 Micro LED Beads. Includes 2 x CR2032 batteries, screwdriver, and instructions.


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Fairy String Lights

Fairy String Lights includes:
– One strand fairy string lights, batteries, and screwdriver

About our Fairy String Lights:

Constructed of high quality 3.3ft long flexible silver coated copper wires, with 20 Micro LED Beads. Includes 2 x CR2032 batteries, screwdriver, and instructions. 72 Hours of battery life. Lights are waterproof suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Dimensions: 3.3ft length, 20 lights per strand


  • Adding sparkly to mantle, mason jars, and shelves
  • Adding lights to resin crafts, resulting in beautiful sparkling masterpieces
  • As an accessory for armor and cosplay outfits
  • Christmas Decor
  • Night Lights

Instructions for Resin:

How to install Fairy String Lights into resin

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Choosing the Right Materials for your Molds:

Epoxy Resin:

Mold Size: Small to Large
Mold Complexity: Simple to Complex
Level of Detail: Moderate
Time to Harden: Long
Epoxy Resins are the preferred choice for casting durable, long lasting resin projects or as a protective coating on existing products. Epoxy resin requires two components a catalyst and a hardener that is mixed together inducing a chemical reaction that will allow the liquid components to cure into a hardened product. Depending on the size of your project curing times can range 12-48 hours. Its maximum layer thickness is 5mm so it is best suited for thicker projects. If your resin product is intended for outdoor use it is recommended to apply a coating of UV resin to the outside to protect your product from yellowing and UV breakdown from the sun.

UV Resin:

Mold Size: Very Small to Small or Detail Work
Mold Complexity: Simple to Complex
Level of Detail: High
Time to Harden: Very Short
UV Resin is the preferred choice for obtaining quick results and fine details with it quick drying properties underneath a UV light. Unlike Epoxy resin, UV resin only contains on component that is instantly ready for use to dye and cure under a UV light. Its maximum layer thickness is 1mm so it is best suited for fine details inside of an epoxy coated piece, or in smaller pieces like jewelry. You should always wear a dust mask and UV safety glasses when working with UV resin. It is neither heat nor scratch resistant so an epoxy cast coating is often applied to the final piece.


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