Female Raven Greaves

Female Raven Greaves

The Raven Greaves are part of our Raven Armor Set



These Raven greaves feature layered vegetable-tanned leather and are accented with marble grey stone rivets that match the rest of the set. The “talons” on the faceplate of the greaves have been hardened through an intensive boiling process and waxing to maintain their distinctive form and stiffness. The greaves attach via buckles around the back of the calf. On the outer calf portion, there are two sheathes attached for throwing knives (sold separately).


While all our pieces are adjustable up to 4 sizes, during the wet forming process we strive to make your piece as customized to you as possible for the most comfortable fit and ease of mobility. Measurements needed are shown in the pictures for the respective pieces.


Custom orders are welcome we have a stock of gold, silver, and various decorative rivets, buckles, and conchos. We also have a large selection of dye colors that can be seen in other listing that are available by request. We are happy to make your vision come to life! We have many more photos if you wish to see more detail on a particular piece.


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