Large Leather Journal Calligraphy Set

Large Leather Journal Calligraphy Set



Our leather journal calligraphy set includes a beautiful leather journal with an elegant feather quill.  The quill is intelligently secured to the front of the journal via hidden neodymium magnets. The quill can be removed to write or draw inside on one of the 500 hand-bound parchment pages with accented gold edges. The spine of the book is ribbed giving it an ancient text feel, and the blue oval background showcases the feather quill.

The set includes:
The 9″x 12″ 500 page/250 sheet leather-bound journal, the feather quill with 5 additional tips, an inkpot, pearl black ink powder, and Arabic gum powder.

This leather journal calligraphy set makes for an elegant accent piece to any home.