Large Leather Journal with Blank Parchment

Large Leather Journal with Blank Parchment



Our large leather journal with blank parchment is one-of-a-kind. This unique A4 leather journal brings a multiple medias together to form a truly exquisite piece with an ancient feel. The cover features a clay woodland nymph accented with pearl hues on top of a carved swirled background with green die and gold leaf accents. This centerpiece is surrounded by a gold chain border with wooden swirl accents. The champagne base of the book was achieved through a five-step process including a crackle medium to give this special book its ancient feel.

Inside this book, you will find 500 hand-bound parchment pages we create using traditional bookbinding methods.

This journal makes for a beautiful accent piece for your home or a keepsake to last through time as a family heirloom to record your thoughts, memories, and history. This large leather journal is one of a kind, we will never make another quite like it as we love the idea of giving our customers an opportunity to buy something truly unique.


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