Leather Sewing Kit

Leather Sewing Kit



Leather Sewing Kit

The 24Pcs Leather Sewing Kit includes all the tools and supplies you need to start sewing leather. Great for doing leather projects (wallets, belts, handbags) upholstery repairs, or sewing heavy duty fabrics.

Included in Kit:

  • 4pcs 4mm steel stitching chisel punches (1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong/ 6 Prong) 
  • 8 rolls color waxed threads
  • 12pcs large-eye stitching needles in 4 different lengths and styles in convenient plastic vial for storage

Stitching Chisels:

Steel construction with diamond point chisels for pre-punching 4mm spaced holes in your leather for sewing. Simply align your chisel on the leather and hammer the back end of the tool to punch the holes. You can add a bit of oil or beeswax to the chisel to make removal easier. Use the 4 and 6 prong punches for long straight edges and the 1 and 2 prong punches for corners and fine details.

Sewing Needles

The leather sewing needles include 3 short pointed/sharp tip needles, 3 medium blunted tip needles, 3 long blunted tip needles, and 3 long flat spade tip needles. The flat end needles are good for very thick or layered leather which may be difficult to get the need through. The blunt tip needles are good medium medium leathers and to not injure your fingers, pointed tip needles are best for thin leathers and cloths for which pre-punching is not necessary.  All of these needles feature a large eye for easy threading of heavy duty waxed threads.

Waxed Thread

The 150D waxed leather thread is strong and durable to use. Come with 8 colors and each roll approx.33 yards, 264 yards total. Waxed thread is handy as it can be heated with a lighter to seal the thread at the end of the sewing line. There are a variety of different stitching patterns you can use with waxed thread when sewing leather and a variety of colors to choose from to add a bit of contrast or color to your project.

Commonly used items with this kit:

Chair & Chisel Elite Hand Press

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