Mandala Dot Art Kit

Mandala Dot Art Kit



Mandala Dot Art Kit

Easy to use Mandala dot art kit complete with tools, stencils, and practice circles. Simply start your designing in the center of your piece. You can use the protractor and white pencil to outline guides that can help you keep your dots evenly spaced. Walk your pattern out adding dots in rings from the center. The different tools allow you to create different size and style dots. This kit includes all the tools you’ll need to get started making your own dot art masterpieces!

Mandala Dot Art Kit Includes:
9 × mandala stencils
8 × Acrylic Rods
6 × black cardboard
5 × embossing stylus
5 × double-sided dotting tools
4 × double-headed ball stylus tools
3 × paint brushes
3 × gemstone sticker sheets
1 × protractor
1 × eraser
1 × easel
1 × paint tray
1 × white pencil
1 × zipper storage bag

Paints sold separately


Check out this tutorial video for fun patterning ideas!


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