Men’s Leather Thraex Gladiator Armor Set

Men’s Leather Thraex Gladiator Armor Set

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The gladiator men’s leather armor set consists of bracers, one arm shoulder pauldron, chest piece, kidney belt, war skirt (Cingular/pteruges), skirt liner, shin guards, sandals, and sword. Pieces can be purchased individually or as a set.

The shoulder pauldron consists of layered oak leaf 6oz leather dyed brown with painted gold accents and a symbol carved on the pauldron. A piercing rivet and battle-worn cuts add to the ferocity of this piece. It is adjustable and secured across the chest via D rings and a double layer leather strap accented with eyelets and rivets in bronze and copper hues. As shown standard sizing for 6’0-6’3 tall male with 42-48″ chest circumference and 28″ over shoulder measurement.

The kidney belt buckles around the waist and is made of 6oz leather overlaid with goat leather that matches the bracers sewn with suede leather lacing. Fits 33-36″ waist (measured at the navel line).

The chest piece is made from a flexible textured leather with soft inner lining. It attaches at the shoulders with lace-up sides for adjustment.

The skirt features a thin goat leather underlay that snaps around the waist overlain by leather straps attached to a belt that buckled at the waist. The straps have been treated through a traditional process known as cuir bouille in which the straps are boiled in a paraffin wax making them both strong and formed so that they lie flat. Goatskin underskirt fits 32-42″ pant waist and tightens via a drawstring tie. Pleated outer skirt fits a belt line measurement of 34-41″ (if wearing over underskirt allow additional 2″ to belt line measurement to account for material). Skirt includes additional pleats that attach via metal snaps for larger sizes.

The bracers are antique aged for an authentic look and attach via laces reinforced by eyelets.

Shin guards are constructed from veg tanned leather with a scratched goat leather overlay and decorative accents. They secure via buckles.

Sandals are constructed from thick veg leather with adjustable leather straps. They naturally conform to your foot shape with wear for comfort.

Custom measurements can be requested for a tailored fit. Prices reflect armor for a pant size of 32-40 inches. Larger/smaller sizes please inquire for pricing adjustment.

Multi-piece purchase discounts are available.

The goat leather accents (the scratched pattern leather and textured chest leather) may be unavailable due to the unique manufacturing process and local stock quantities. Alternative and similar patterns will be provided to choose from if the shown pattern is not available.


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