Men’s Leather Thraex Gladiator War Skirt

Men’s Leather Thraex Gladiator War Skirt

Part of our Men’s Leather Thraex Gladiator Armor Set

Materials: Dye, Eyelets, Lacing, Concho, Rivets, Leather



The Gladiator War Skirt features a thin goat leather underlay that snaps around the waist overlain by leather straps attached to a belt that buckled at the waist. The straps have been treated through a traditional process known as cuir bouille in which the straps are boiled in a paraffin wax making them both strong and formed so that they lie flat. Goat skin underskirt fits 32-42″ pant waist and tightens via a drawstring tie. Pleated outer skirt fits a belt line measurement of 34-41″ (if wearing over underskirt allow additional 2″ to belt line measurement to account for material). Skirt includes additional pleats that attach via metal snaps for larger sizes.


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