Plum Blossom Crystal Rivets

Plum Blossom Crystal Rivets

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Premium quality grade A glass plum blossom crystal rivets, the sparkling rhinestones are currently available in 5 crystal colors with gold post. These come in 20 rivet packs, a rivet consists of the crystal and the cap. More colors are currently in production so check back soon! About Our Crystals: These rivets are securely cradled in a metal casing constructed of iron and copper with a stainless steel cap. The metal has been treated to be resistant to water, corrosion, and rust, electroplated by CBB. We are proud to be one of the only American manufacturers to offer both silver and gold metal finish options. The crystals are constructed from premium grade A colored glass. The difference is a lasting brilliance that won’t fade over time and is not easily damaged. The difference from our competitors is most of their crystals are made from acrylic or dyed glass. Acrylic will scratch easily and become dull and dyed glass will fade and rub off over time. Our process follows the same interest of premium quality that you would expect from a Swarovski crystal without the use of lead. Sizing: 12mm blossom glass crystal with 5mm post



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