Post-Apocalyptic Patch Skirt


Post-Apocalyptic Patch Skirt



Post-Apocalyptic Patch Skirt

Asymmetrical leather patch fringe skirt. This handmade skirt is made up of our loose scrap pieces to create the most unique and one-of-a-kind skirt. Every skirt will be made of different pieces of scrap but will follow the same general color scheme with a beautiful asymmetrical design. Fringe is made up of neutral browns, and yellows. Adjustable via buckle and lace closure at sides.


XS – Fits 24-26″ waist
S – Fits 26-28″ waist
M – Fits 28-30″ waist
L – Fits 30-32″ waist
XL – Fits 32-34″ waist
XXL – Fits 34-36″ waist

Custom recreations in different styles available by custom order.

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