Single Cap Rapid Rivets


Single Cap Rapid Rivets

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Materials: Metal



Single Cap Rapid Rivets

Available in 50 and 100ct packs. Great for leather projects!

Single Cap Rapid Rivets Colors:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Bronze


Cap diameter x post length

  • 3x3mm
  • 7x5mm
  • 7x9mm

About our Single Cap Rapid Rivets

A single cap rivet has a smooth cap at one ends of the rivet and a hollow post at the other. This is often preferred for items where only one end of the rivet will be in contact with the user and the other end will be hidden and is a cheaper alternative to the double-cap rivet. They can be set by punching a hole in the leather and using a rivet setting tool (by hand) or press machine to set the rivet. Used for both decoration and function in holding pieces together it is commonly used as a substitute for sewing, offering both mechanical strength and decor.

Choosing the right rivet size:

I highly recommend pulling out a ruler with both standard and metric units to get a visual idea of sizing. You also will want to know how thick your material is, if using leather you can pick up one of our handy laser-cut leather thickness gauges for cheaper than you’d buy at a store.

First thing you need to determine is what you will be using the rivets for. Will they be for decor/accenting only? if so you probably want a shorter post (enough for your material thickness) and the diameter can vary to whatever size or style you wish. If you are using the rivet to attach multiple pieces together you’ll want a long enough post to be able to meet the thickness requirement of the stacked pieces as well as a larger head for stability.

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