Stainless Steel Chicago Screws


Stainless Steel Chicago Screws

Stainless Steel Chicago screws – No tools required easy to install, great for fastening objects together and crafts! Large selection of colors and sizes



Stainless Steel Chicago Screws

Chicago Screws in 10ct packs (10 posts and 10 screws). Three sizes and and 5 color options to choose from. Great for leatherworking, bookbinding, Metal working, and fastening objects. To permanently lock screw we recommend loctite available at most hardware stores and online. Screw rivets are easy and conveniniet! Attach using a screwdriver or by hand. Great for pet collars and leashes, leather projects, attaching tags to knits, bookbinding, strap attachment, and more!

– Silver (stainless steel)

Head diameter: 9.5mm
Screwpost diameter: M5 (3/16”)
Post length options: 6mm, 10mm,12mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm

Constructed of stainless steel.

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