Tooling Leather

Tooling Leather

Premium Natural Veg-Tanned Tooling Leather. Available in a variety of sizes and thickness options.



Premium Natural Veg-Tanned Tooling Leather. Available in a variety of sizes and thickness options.

About our Leather:
– Full Grain Cowhide Leather
– Accepts dye well
– Great for tooling, carving, embossing, forming, and stamping.
– Pairs well with our
crystal rivets, cap rivets, and eyelets
– Safe to laser cut or engrave
– Occasional minor blemishes and scarring may be present on larger pieces

Hides are cut into panel with natural edges retained. Pricing is by approximate square footage and the leather thickness/weight chosen.

Tooling Leather Product info:
– Size: Chosen by Variation, Cut to size or whole side
– Thickness: Chosen by Variation, 2-9oz available
– Texture: Smooth top grain
– Stiffness: Increasing stiffness with thickness
– Finish: Raw
– Tanning: Veg tanned
– Pattern: None/Solid

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