Rug Making with a Tufting Gun


This looks SO FUN and is high on my list of crafts to try this year! For one, rugs are crazy expensive! For two, you get to use some pretty fun looking craft tools like the tufting gun and carpet shears. I absolutely love Simji’s video. She walks you through the whole process in a very fun way and explains things simply. Follow her if you enjoyed the video as much as I did!


What is tufting anyway?

Tufting is defined as the act of a needle punching through a backing material in the form of a loop. Depending on loop heights, these loops can add texture, dimension, and, if cut, the “cut pile” can add a velvet like appearance to the tufted area.

How is tufting done?

There are two ways you can tuft a rug, with a manual tool called a punch needle, or with a tufting gun. Punch needling generally is better for smaller projects with finer detail. Not that you couldn’t make a rug that way, it would just take a lot longer! With tufting guns, you have the option of a “cut pile” gun, a “loop pile” gun or one that does both. See the below diagram for the difference between a cut and loop pile style.

Begin by assembling your frame for your monk cloth and sketch out your outline. Using your gun outline and fill in the different areas with the colors you would like. The video is a great step by step reference for the whole process. I love how she details what to do when mistakes are made! When you are all done you will apply the glue and backing. Use your carpet shears to make a nice smooth finished look.

How can I start tufting?

Fortunately, we have an all-in-one kit for you! It even includes a ladybug rug project, so you will be ready right when you get your package to start trying out this new craft! Let me know in the comments how it went! You can purchase your Rug Tufting Kit with Carpet Shears by clicking the text or the image below!


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