Chainmail Leather and Fur Viking Skirt

Chainmail Leather and Fur Viking Skirt

The Viking Belt & Skirt is part of our Female Viking Armor Set



Chainmail Leather and Fur Viking Skirt

**This beautiful skirt is made to order. If the standard measurements below will not work for your proportions, custom measurements and requests are welcome!**

Product Description:
Women’s Viking skirt featuring a soft black fur overlain by leather panels and embossed diamond and chain lamellae with chainmail accents. Adjustable via a leather belt with leather Celtic dragon ornaments and two buckles on the back side. The side panels are rubbed with metallic gold wax and feature 3 intertwining Celtic dragons.

XS – Fits 24-26″ waist
S – Fits 26-28″ waist
M – Fits 28-30″ waist
L – Fits 30-32″ waist
XL – Fits 32-34″ waist
XXL – Fits 34-36″ waist

Pair with our Female Barbarian/Viking Top!


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