Sola Wood Flowers


Sola Wood Flowers

Beautiful wood flowers hand crafted from the root of the Cassava tree.



Sola Wood Flowers

Includes 10 assorted wood flowers sizes ranging from 1.5- 3 inches (a random pick of different style flowers no two orders will be the same).

Sola wood flowers come in a gorgeous cream color naturally. These unique flowers are wonderful as is but can also take dye to make some of the most vibrant faux flowers we have ever seen! Sola flowers are made from a Tapioca plant root called Cassava (aka arrowroot or yuca). The are 100% natural, eco friendly, and bidegradable. Each flower must be formed by hand, so no tow are exactly the same!

Some of the most interesting flowers made from sola wood are what we call the “bark sola flowers”. These flowers are ones that have the skin or bark of the root of the sola wood left on to make a two-toned flower. Want to work with a variety of skin flowers? This is the assortment for you! This assortment is nothing but bark sola flowers for you to enjoy.

Please note these sola wood flowers are handmade and there can be a slight difference in size and shape from flower to flower. Sola flowers are not fresh flowers. They are handmade wood flowers. The texture is similar to a thin version of balsa wood. Because they are handmade and made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike! Brown veining, occasional small holes from a “knot” in the wood are on the flowers.


Color Options:

  • natural brown (bark sola flowers)
  • cream white
  • blue and orange mix
  • red and white mix
  • purple and green mix
  • pink and green mix
  • natural and blues mix


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