Female Leather Raven Armor Set

Female Leather Raven Armor Set

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Female Raven Leather Chest Piece


Our beautifully crafted leather Raven Armor Set is the ideal outfit for an authentic show-stopping entrance to any renaissance festival, costume party, or movie set. Pieces are available individually or as a set. All pieces are adjustable up to four sizes, but using your measurement we will build to make the armor the most comfortable fit. Details for each piece are below.

This is a very sturdy heavy armor piece made of 7-9oz. high-grade vegetable-tanned leather. Two ravens are cut out of the abdomen of the chest piece and the interior is lined with a soft suede-like goatskin with a metallic finish. This allows the cutouts of the ravens to have a metal-like background that compliments the other metal finishes. The wingspan of a Raven is carved across the breast of the chest piece which is then wet-formed to give a woman’s shape and the wings have a dimensional shape. A soft finished suede liner wraps around the back and zips to provide comfort and mobility at the sides. The leather back piece is slightly thinner than the chest piece for mobility (5-7oz) and has the mirror image of the wing on the shoulder piece carved the opposite side of the wing giving the impression of a ghost wing. The chest piece attaches via straps and buckles that are adjustable. The straps lead to an O-ring on the back that connects the shoulder pauldrons, chest piece, and side skirt for elegant fluid movement while walking/fighting, and comfort. Purchase of chest piece alone you have the option of strapless, side strap, or double straps in place of the shoulder pauldrons which act as your straps in the full set.

Shoulder Pauldrons and detachable hood:
This piece consists of two asymmetrical cross-breast shoulder pauldrons. The left pauldron is crafted with layers of 3-4oz. wet-formed leather and has attached talon-like leather accents on the tops and sides that have been hardened through a boiling and waxing process to become stiff and retain their form. The right pauldron attaches as a cloak on the front with a silver concho and morphs into a beautiful and fierce single-wing down the back that is mirrored by a carving on the back of the chest piece. Each feather is individually cut and carved with the impression of a real feather. The amount of detail in the wing comes to life with the composition of different leathers, finishes, and weights. Small rivet embellishment with a marble grey stone accent this piece further and compliments the rest of the outfit. The pauldrons attach to the chest piece through straps and buckles. The hood is made of a thinner finished leather and attaches to the breast piece of the shoulder pauldrons. It is removable via suede laces.

The mask is wet-formed to retain its shape and comfortably rests on the bridge of the nose and has an adjustable sliding knot around the back of the head for a comfortable and concealable fit. The mask is layered with different finishes of leather and accented with grey marbled stone rivets that match the rest of the outfit. The form of the mask allows easy breathing and airflow to keep cool.

These bracers feature layered vegetable-tanned leather (both 4-5oz and 2-3 oz weights used), with finished goatskin leather accents, and finished designer leather with a soft interior on the underside. The “talons” on the faceplate of the bracers have been hardened through an intensive boiling process and waxing to maintain their distinctive form and stiffness. The outer arm portion of the bracers are accented with two different finished of goat leather to mimic the down feathers of The Raven. The interior is soft treated leather, similar to suede for maximum comfort. At outer buckle allows for the tightening of the bracer for a perfect fit. The decorative concho matches the concho on the winged shoulder piece of the pauldrons for a fluid appearance.

These bracers measure 11″ x 9″ for a fit like shown in the picture, length is measured along the top of the arm from wrist to elbow joint, width is measured as the circumference around the widest part of the forearm, additional tightening is achieved via the outer buckle.

Greaves (shin/calf armor):
These bracers feature layered vegetable-tanned leather and are accented with marble grey stone rivets that match the rest of the set. The “talons” on the faceplate of the greaves have been hardened through an intensive boiling process and waxing to maintain their distinctive form and stiffness. The greaves attach via buckles around the back of the calf. On the outer calf portion, there are two sheathes attaches for throwing knives (sold separately).

Belt, Fauld (side skirt), and Frog:

The belt features a sturdy 5-7oz leather base layered in different finishes of leather and accented with marbles grey stone rivets to match the rest of the set. The side skirt that attaches to the belt (and is removable) features a small frog for a dagger or knife and is accented with medium feathers that are hand carved with the detail of an actual feather that matches the wing of the shoulder pauldrons. The lower portion of the skirt has a concealed pocket perfect for keeping your money and cards without taking away from the outfit. A detachable frog also slides on the belt to hold your sword. Larger holders for phone and keys are available in our other listing that slides onto the belt and go well with this outfit if more storage is desired.


While all our pieces are adjustable up to 4 sizes, during the wet forming process we strive to make your piece as customized to you as possible for the most comfortable fit and ease of mobility. Measurements needed are shown in the pictures for the respective pieces.


Custom orders are welcome we have a stock of gold, silver, and various decorative rivets, buckles, and conchos. We also have a large selection of dye colors that can be seen in other listing that are available by request. We are happy to make your vision come to life! We have many more photos if you wish to see more detail on a particular piece.


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